Mood Sensations and Go Time
Mood Sensations and Go Time

Fashion peace and quantity of garments in our wardrobe would not make our mood move ourselves.  

Feelings happen as we begin to integrate the emotion, to think about it, to “let it soak in.”  The word itself “feel” which we use to express for both physical and emotional sensation — we can say we physically feel cold, but we can also emotionally feel cold. aThis is a clue to the meaning of “feeling,” it’s something we sense. Feelings are more “cognitively saturated” as the emotion chemicals are processed in our brains and bodies. Feelings are often fueled by a mix of emotions, and last for longer than emotions. How to prolong good sensations and avoid harmful emotions. How to make our mood better. Let’s find out.
Moods are more generalized. They’re not tied to a specific incident, but a collection of inputs. bMood is heavily influenced by our environment - weather, lighting, color, people around us, by our physiology – everyday lifestyle what we’ve been eating, how we’ve been exercising, if we have a cold or not, how well we slept among what we are thinking about and do we’re focusing attention on things what would bring some joyful moments.
Any kind of creation can definitely drop you out of situations which you are stuck in and improve our current emotions. Moods can last minutes, hours, probably even days. Therefore public events where you at least present yourself in unusual ways can bring you new specter of emotions which effects finally your mood.c 
Shall I spend time on all these preparations to attend  an event to catch six seconds to make my mood better? Definitely yes, this is the way how it works. As emotions are chemicals released in response to our interpretation of a specific trigger. It takes our brains about 1/4 second to identify the trigger, and about another 1/4 second to produce the chemicals. By the way, emotion chemicals are released throughout our bodies, not just in our brains, and they form a kind of feedback loop between our brains & bodies. They last for about six seconds.

Go on.
I like the very usual expression – “take your time”, where from I shall take? – I would think, if there is no time at all. dBut as time goes on I understood that there are some hidden places, like the black hole, and I should take time for myself  to enjoy the life even in the simplest moments, which I had to discover are plenty for each of us.smiley

You have to push yourself as no one would do that for you

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