Luxury Lofts
Luxury Lofts

How often we dream about exclusive office space, but when we come to real deal we put our dreams aside and create one more regular office space, because it will be more useful.

aI wonder and adore those who would choose their visions from a to z and would not give up on their dreams along to realizations.j As any design depends on new technique's and materials there always be pioneers who will never give up.

Once by searching some consultations I discover unusual dental office in Berlin, which was created as the mouth. Yes and the entrance to the room was as a tooth. It was so unusual that I decided to fly over and see by myself as I adore unusual solutions.b

A loft can be an upper story or attic in a building, directly under the roof as it will give more space for equipment.
Alternatively, a loft refers to large adaptable open space , converted for different kind of use, often light industrial or office. In this case, open space was used to create some resting area with fireplace and balcony as well.

Adding to the confusion,some converted lofts include upper open loft areas. Within certain upper loft, areas exist even further lofts, which may contain loft areas of their own areas, which makes space even more attractive. d

Such an adaptation of loft space can result in better-operating efficiencies for ongoing light industrial, commercial and work as in this case the office space lightly turns to resting and waiting area. Atmosphere in this office is calming and quite. Sound isolation panels makes feel great comfort.smileye

Dream you dreams, life is too short to put them aside

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