How to enjoy yourself and stop being average
How to enjoy yourself and stop being average

It is pretty simple when you think about it. Usually, people would think that being average at something is inherent. You are either born great or you are born to average.

And worse once you become average , then you can no longer improve. They believe that it’s set in stone and there is nothing they can do about it. They are just, well, average.

 Think about it.smiley
I don't consider myself to be much of a risk-taker. In fact, I'm typically pretty content to stick within the confines of my comfort zone. I believe if you will take the numerous risks in your life you definitely will become greater than you are. As well as - if you can imagine- you can get it. 

1. Inspire yourself to take more chances
However, I recognize that refusing to stray from the safe and predictable is a surefire way to limit my own growth. As the old saying goes, "With the great risk, comes great reward."
Even though being brave isn't necessarily second nature to me, I've channeled some effort and energy into finding ways to inspire myself to take more chances.
I know I can't be paddling this risk-averse boat alone. So, I'm sharing four strategies that have helped me gather my courage and be a little more adventurous. Give them a try, and prepare to jump.c

2. Consider Worst-Case Scenarios
There's one big reason I tend to repeatedly shy away from risk: I fear the outcome. What if I fail? What if it all goes horribly wrong?
Unfortunately, our brains have the ability to play some nasty tricks on us -- they convince us that the worst-case scenario is absolutely life-altering. We tell ourselves that the downfall related to that risk would be so insurmountable, we'd never manage to recover.

3. Fears of Bruised Ego
However, if you would actually take just one moment to press pause and consider the real worst-case scenario, I'm willing to bet you'd end up finding a great source of comfort.
Sure, you might have to endure a little bit of embarrassment or a bruised ego. But, most of the time, the worst-case scenario isn't really all that bad. In fact, you typically don't end up any worse off than you were before.b

4. Depend on Your Network
Here's another thing that your brutal inner critic manages to accomplish time and time again: Completely destroying your self-confidence.
In those moments when you feel utterly defeated and like you don't have the inner wherewithal to take on a new challenge, it's important that you rely on your network of supporters.
Why? It's simple: They can help to boost your confidence back up again in those times when you're being unnecessarily hard on yourself -- and ultimately talking yourself out of taking chances.
So, don't hesitate to rely on your connections when you're in need of a little ego boost. They're sure to come through for you and give you the confidence you need to grab life by the horns.

5. Reframe Failure
None of us want to fail, but that certainly doesn't mean it's is completely unavoidable. We all experience those roadblocks and bumps on the road from time to time -- it's a natural part of life.
Too many of us have this deeply ingrained fear of 
failure as if that one slip-up will send us spiraling downward, unable to ever bounce back. However, if you're focused on encouraging yourself to take more risks, you need to change the way you look at failure altogether.

6. Reshape your expectations
Rather than viewing it as this life-changing, catastrophic event, switch your perspective and choose to look at it as a learning experience.
No, maybe things didn't work out exactly the way you had hoped. But you still walked away with some valuable lessons under your belt -- and that alone makes the entire process worth it.d
By shifting the way you perceive failure, facing it will be much less scary. Not being paralyzed with fear every time you imagine not succeeding? That's sure to inspire you to take a few more risks. 

7. Lean Into the Fear
Why do people hand over their hard-earned cash in order to stroll through a haunted house or take in the latest horror movie? Well, there's a big part of the fear that's positively terrifying -- but, there's also this large part of it that's incredibly thrilling.
That's right, scary can be simultaneously exciting. That anxious, butterflies-in-your-stomach sort of feeling is the indicator that there's something great on the line. Remember that cliché "great risk, great reward" line used above?

8. Turn a fear to your partner who will never betray
So, go ahead and lean into the fear that goes hand-in-hand with taking risks. It might be scary, but it's also exhilarating -- and that's the part worth focusing on. I'll never consider myself a natural-born risk taker, and you might not either. But I really enjoy the life and put any efforts to be so. However, there are a few strategies you can put into play to give yourself a nudge into being a little braver. Give these a try, and prepare for results.

Remember- if you can imagine- you can get it.

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