Luxury Military Streetstyle
Luxury Military Streetstyle

Summer 2017 will be a season of contrasts. On one side of the style divide as leading designers take a chart to challenge the fashion establishment and opening a way for the bright young designers to come. As a result, more and more creative outbreaks will appear even in men's fashion

On one hand, take a breath, it is time for the bright young designers to come.
On the other, the luxury giants are producing polished lessons in style.a


The result is a mash-up of couture hikers, Nineties streetwear, a stylish sea breeze, the return of the beanie and sportswear alliances. Men's Fashion trend seem to be out off limits by combining military, luxury and evening wear habits.


Just like a good pair of jeans and a black leather jacket, some pieces of clothing never go out of style.




Military outbreaks such as a camouflage jacket or combat boots are also included in this list of timeless fashion. Military style has been incorporated into everyday style since army uniforms were first sewn together.

Well, maybe we are slightly exaggerating but still, military looks have been in the fashion lookbook of American culture for decades. Just add some fur for fun and you will get a brand new sound of style.laugh


However, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to adding military pieces to your wardrobe.


First, don’t overdo the camouflage. One piece is enough, whether it is a jacket, accessory or footwear. You should never do head-to-toe camouflage, or you will look more like featured movie storage out the breaker. Also, when it comes to footwear, offset the military pieces with a cool sneaker or a fun, strappy heel.


Combat boots with your military jacket should only be reserved for those on duty.
The military street style is all about finding the perfect balance of femininity and Army brat.


Be sure to keep in mind proportions and don’t wear a military jacket that is too baggy. The fit is everything, so don’t be afraid to tailor that jacket, which you can find in thrift shops all over.  Wearing customized military jackets, which is a fun way to personalize and modernize the look.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to the right ways to do military. Do incorporate bright colors and bold prints, do mix those combat boots with a summer dress and accessorize to your individuality. Add a fun bag, layer on the gold jewelry and throw on those aviator shades.


Also, don’t think that a camouflage print is the only way to look militant chic. Incorporating colors such as olive greens and khakis, or clothes with embellishments such as tassels and brass buttons, are great ways of adding that military touch. Even an olive green jumpsuit is the perfect touch of militant chic.yes

Military goal is to save the lives and stop the wars, the designers try to furnish the same goals, just in another manner

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